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The Gang Goes to South Philly: 
An It's Always Sunny Tour of Philadelphia



  • Visit It's Always Sunny filming locations in South Philly

  • Navigate the bustling Italian Market, a favorite for locals and The Gang

  • Learn fun facts as we pass notable locations like Dennis & Mac's apartment and the stoop where Dee & Dennis got drunk

  • Experience South Street, one of the most shown spots in the show

  • Learn trivia and the real stories behind some of your favorite Always Sunny scenes



$35 Per Person

*Lowest Price Guarantee


2.5 Miles


2-3 Hours


Ready for a wild card adventure in South Philly?

The Always Sunny Tour is your chance to step right into the chaos of your favorite show's hometown. We'll start on bustling South Street and wander our way through the Italian Market, "Cheesesteak Vegas" and finish up back on South Street.


You’ll walk in the Gang's footsteps - feel like what it would be like to walk from Dee’s house to Dennis’s apartment, swinging by the Waitress’s restaurant for a coffee.

Along the way, you'll learn trivia about the show's iconic spots, the Philadelphia connections to show, and dig into South Philly’s unique culture. 

This isn't just a TV tour, it's your chance to experience a bit of the Gang's shenanigans and explore the real Philly.


  • Charlie's Mom's House

  • Sweet Dee's House

  • Dennis & Mac's Apartment

  • McPoyle's House

  • Where Charlie Ate a Pear

  • 'Cheesesteak Vegas'

  • The Waitress's House

  • The Waitress's Coffee Shop

  • South Street


“Marshall was extremely knowledgeable of all things IASIP.
The IASIP experience exceeded expectations. Not only that, but Marshal was also able to give in depth history lessons of each neighborhood that was not only interesting but was also able to circle it back to IASIP. He also gave lots of helpful info on Philadelphia all while being very personable."


  • What is your cancellation policy?
    100% refunds will be offered up to 7 days before your scheduled tour. The tour will take place rain or shine. In cases of extreme weather (for ex. snowstorm, large thunderstorms) the tour will be canceled and tickets refunded.
  • What time does the tour start?
    The tours are offered on Friday, Saturday, Sundays at 2:30pm.
  • Why should I take a guided tour?
    We've spent many hours to not only find the best locations that show up in the tour, but create a route that lets you see as much as possible in the shortest time. Our guides know all the scenes and trivia about each spot. It's an opportunity to learn about Philly through the lens of your favorite show.
  • Do I need to be an Always Sunny superfan to go on this tour?
    Not at all! It will be a better experience if you've seen the show or know the characters, but the tour is a great time from people who've just checked out the pilot to those who listen to every podcast episode religiously. We share pictures and videos from the show so you can follow along, even if you don't know every joke and scene.
  • Will we see Paddy's Pub?
    This is the most common question - "Can I visit Paddy's Pub?" But unfotunately, Paddy's Pub's exterior and interior and exterior were shot in Los Angeles, not Philly. There are a number of pubs in Philadelphia named "Paddy's" but none of them were the inspiration or the filming location for the show.
  • Is this tour appropriate for all ages?
    As the subject of the tour, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, is a mature show, we highly recommend to not bring children on the tour. The stated age for tickets is 17+ but use your own discretion as a parent or guardian if the child is under 17.
  • How long is the tour?
    The tour typically lasts between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the speed of the group and number of questions.
  • What should I bring on the tour?
    The entirety of the tour will take place outside, so dress for the conditions. In cold weather or rain make sure to bring warm or waterproof clothes. In the summer, sunscreen and water is highly recommend!
  • Do you offer private tours?
    Yes, please contact us with information about your desired date and group size and we'll provide you a quote.
  • My desired date to take the tour is not listed, is it possible?
    Please reach out and contact us with the date. It may be possible. In general, tour dates shut down in winter as the tour is far from sunny when it's snowing out.
  • Will we see Rob McElhenney's Childhood Home?
    In the past, the tour passed Rob McElhenney's childhood home. As of the winter of 2023, construction has demolished the exterior in the process of turning it into a townhome. Sadly, it is no longer worth visiting in this state.
  • Can I visit the Magic Gardens before the tour?
    Yes, and we would recommend it! But, Magic Gardens requires timed tickets. Make sure to buy your timed ticket beforehand.

Meeting Point

Outside of Philly's Magic Gardens Museum


(Tip, if you'd like to see the Magic Gardens and join the Always Sunny Tour back-to-back, buy tickets beforehand!)

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