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The Gang Goes to South Philly:
An It's Always Sunny Tour of Philadelphia

About Us

About the Tour

Step into the world of TV's wildest gang with our It's Always Sunny Tour of Philadelphia! This lively walking tour takes you through the heart of the show's action in South Philly. You'll visit key locations from your favorite TV show, learn cool facts, and get to know the city in a friendly, relaxed setting.



Explore the hidden South Philly


See Dennis & Mac's Apartment


Learn It's Always Sunny Trivia


Wander the Italian Market


Laugh to the Gang's antics

Trevor, GA

"The IASIP experience exceeded all expectations."

Jim, PA

"Our guide did a great job telling Sunny history, but was also wonderfully knowledgeable in general Philly history."

Cory, PA

“I would recommend this tour to anyone who has seen and liked the show, even if you don’t consider yourself to be a super fan (like me)”
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